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Adventures in overclocking a Raspberry Pi

This article sums up my experience when overclocking a Raspberry Pi computer. It doesn’t provide a step-by-step guide on how to do the actual overclocking. Instead, it gathers the pieces of information that I found most interesting during my research, while diving deeper on some exquisitely geeky details on the way.


A gentle introduction to mechanical keyboards

The past few of years have seen a renaissance for mechanical keyboards, especially among two large groups of computer enthusiasts: programmers and gamers. I, too, share a passion for these wonderful pieces of hardware that goes way back.


Git Undo

Tell me if you recognize this scenario: you’re in the middle of rewriting your local commits when you suddenly realize that you have gone too far and, after one too many rebases, you are left with a history that looks nothing like the way you wanted. No? Well, I certainly do. It was in one of those moments of despair that I finally decided to set out to create my own git undo command. Here’s what I came up with and how I got there.


Managing shared cookies in WCF

The ASMX Web Services framework, as obsolete as it may feel, still supports HTTP cookies in the exact same way as you would normally expect. WCF, on the other hand, broke that tradition in the name of a higher level API. This article explains how the two programming models handle cookies and suggests a solution to the problem of sharing a common cookie across multiple Web Service requests.


Keep your unit tests DRY with AutoFixture Customizations

When I first incorporated AutoFixture as part of my daily unit testing workflow, I noticed how a consistent usage pattern had started to emerge. Multiple tests shared the same context, which had to be initialized in exactly the same way over and over again. Luckily, AutoFixture customizations offer an elegant way out of this unnecessary duplication.

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