• 16 Apr 2013 » General-purpose customizations with AutoFixture

    If you’ve been using AutoFixture in your tests for more than a while, chances are you’ve already come across the concept of customizations.In this post I’m going to talk about how to write general-purpose customizations.

  • 15 Dec 2011 » Keep your unit tests DRY with AutoFixture Customizations

    When I first incorporated AutoFixture as part of my daily unit testing workflow, I noticed how a consistent usage pattern had started to emerge. Multiple tests shared the same context, which had to be initialized in exactly the same way over and over again. Luckily, AutoFixture customizations offer an elegant way out of this unnecessary duplication.

  • 06 Sep 2011 » Behavior changes in AutoFixture 2.2 – Anonymous numbers

    Now that AutoFixture 2.2 is approaching on the horizon, it’s a good time to start talking about some of the changes that were made to the underlying behavior of some existing APIs. I’ll start off this series of posts by focusing on the new generation strategy for anonymous numbers.

  • 01 Aug 2011 » Anonymous delegates in AutoFixture

    I’m excited to announce that AutoFixture now officially supports delegates in the main trunk up on CodePlex.