My name is Enrico Campidoglio. I’m a programmer with a strong passion for quality and good old fashioned knowlege sharing. Some people say I may also have a mild OCD. I currently work as a consultant at tretton37 in Lund, Sweden.

I consider myself lucky because my craft is also my passion. I love to continuously try to get better at what I do, by learning from the experience of others as well as my own. I also enjoy reading books, magazines and blogs either about some specific piece of technology I’m currently interested in, or about software development in general.

Another thing I find extremely rewarding, is to exchange knowledge with the community. I like to actively take part in the conversation by tweeting, blogging, answering questions and speaking at conferences and user groups about the subjects that I’m most passionate about. I’ll talk to anyone who will listen about object-oriented design, unit testing, architecture and, occasionally, mechanical keyboards.

On my spare time I contribute to AutoFixture, an open source library for .NET that helps alleviate some of the friction experienced when doing Test-driven development by making it easier to generate test data.

When not in front of a computer, I spend time with my family or go out for a long run.